"I love the journey patients take as I treat them. Many start lacking confidence, part way through treatment they feel more positive and by the time they finish they are beaming a radiant smile."

GDC No. 80759

Ben loves the journey his patients take throughout their treatment. Many patients start out concerned about the appearance and lack self-confidence. Part way through treatment, they start to feel much more positive about making self-improvement and by the time they finish they are beaming radiantly at everyone they meet.

Qualifying as a dentist form the university of Wales in 2002, Ben spent 15 happy years as a dentist in the British Army, working in Germany, Africa, Cyprus and Gibraltar. After a year working as a Senior House Officer in the maxillofacial surgery department in Portsmouth, he was selected to undertake 3 years further Specialist training in Orthodontics and completed this in 2011, he is now registered as a Specialist with the General Dental Council.

Ben is able to offer several aesthetic Orthodontic options to both children and adults. His focus during the consultation phase and treatment is to determine a patient’s dental desires and to address each of these individually.

He has a particular interest in multi-disciplinary dental treatment of adults with worn and compromised teeth, which is why he was thrilled to become a founding partner of Bristol Dental Specialists.

He is also delighted to offer Invisalign treatments (removable clear aligners) to children as well as adults.  This is a relatively new offering in the UK and is increasing in popularity. It can work extremely well for children from 8 upwards who lack confidence due to the appearance of their mixed dentition or have lost functionality of the teeth and are unable to play an instrument, sing or perform as well as they would like.

Ben is also interested in developments in 3D imaging and completed his MSc dissertation on the accuracy of these techniques. He believes that the integration of these new technologies, can help with multi-disciplinary treatment planning, can make treatment more predictable and in some cases quicker. Setting Bristol Dental Specialists up from scratch has allowed us to integrate all of these technologies under one roof with top of the range x-ray and scanning machines.

Ben is a keen cyclist and lives a contented life with his wife and two children in the countryside near Bristol.